OFFF MÉXICO 2015 Opening titles


I was very lucky to be commissioned to direct the OFFF Mexico 2015 Opening Titles. The titles are inspired by the festival itself. We looked to Edward Lorenz’s Chaos Theory to develop the concept. The theory includes the study of deterministic systems; how the behaviour of a system is based on its initial conditions. However, the system will have a finite number of possible outcomes, all of which are contained inside an attractor.

OFFF MX 2015 mirrors a deterministic system. It is the result of initial interaction between staff, audience, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. This combination developed into the unique festival as it happened, but remains contained in an attractor of inspiration, collaboration, knowledge, friendship and community.

The original music composed by Rachel Soong underscores the evolution of the animation, developing from simplicity to complexity.



Design & Animation
Ignacio Osorio
Animagic Studios –

Music & Sound Design
Rachel Soong –