While studying at VFS, we created an animated typeface based on the open typeface Chunkfive. The challenge was to create a little story for each letter with some restrictions: It had to be made in 30 frames, it had to be inside a 500×600 px canvas, and we could only use 3 colours.


For the zero, I tried to explain its concept by setting a Cartesian plain, with the zero being the central point. I wanted to give a mathematic feeling, hence I used only After Effects to create all the shapes, lines, and transitions.

Based on the shape of the letter, and its resemblance to a hook, I created a hook falling into the water, then it suddenly becomes the ?. I used masks in After Effects to create the bouncy feeling and Photoshop for the splashes.

For the %, I tried to tell a story about the origins of the symbol, and how it became the symbol we use know. The animation begins with a horizontal bar, then it rotates to create the % that we all know. I created it in After Effects with shapes, and a little bit of cel animation in Photoshop.

For the J, I used After Effects just to set the timing of the bones, then I used frame by frame animation to create all the veins that grow around the bones, and the flesh that creates the final shape. The final result is the ¨anatomy of the letter.¨